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Hong Leong Holdings Limited (HLHL) was established in 1968 as the privately-held property development and investment arm of the Hong Leong Group. As one of the pioneers of the real estate scene in Singapore, HLHL has since emerged as a major player in the property market, making it one of the most sought-after providers of a comfortable home. To date, it manages 8 commercial projects and has developed close to 100 residential properties, including a range of mid to
high-end residential projects in some of the country's most coveted neighbourhoods.

Looking forward, HLHL continues to seek improvement and expansion in its business while maintaining its distinct level in design, sustainability and customer service.

The Company’s Structure

  • Business Development
    They are at the forefront of the company focusing on new business opportunities locally and worldwide. With a sharp business acumen accompanied with an intuitive and interpersonal nature, they build the foundations of a project’s success.

  • Design and Project Development
    They believe that any successful project development will depend on a good collaborative working attitude, a positive communication style and an inherent determination to give and do their best. This is a considerable amount of responsibility and commitment which will always require astute and proper planning, collaboration and management, as well as an inimitable taste for design and meticulous construction of the various developments.

  • Sales, Leasing and Marketing
    The smart and smooth operation of marketing channels enable a company to establish a firm and stable foundation for reliable revenue. They are responsible for the marketing, sales and rentals of all commercial and residential properties. Not only is the appropriate advertising and marketing material facilitated, their fundamental awareness that customer relations, both in dexterously maintaining established ones and forming new ones, are just as important an asset like no other.

  • Human Resource
    Investing in human capital & managing talent are vital to how the company continues to live and breathe. Partnering effectively with the business leaders, they focus to maintain a cohesive and harmonious structure to attract, develop and retain key staff to bring out the heart of the company in its future business and growth.

  • Kingston Property Maintenance Services Pte Ltd
    The sustainability and longevity of a project is determined by the expertise in protecting and maintaining the project’s interests. KPMS, a subsidiary of Hong Leong Holdings Ltd, is responsible for securing and ensuring the smooth operation of all property facilities from HLHL. KPMS provides professional management and maintenance services, such as security,fire safety, car park management, mechanical/electrical maintenance of the properties and accounting services. KPMS is also a registered contractor with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and has secured a grade “A” in the Security Agency Grading Exercise 2008.
    Legal, Finance and Accounting being the least visible, they are in fact the most important ingredient for the company’s recipe for success. A believer in taking a firm yet positive role plays a substantial part in getting the right communication across and fulfilling daily work commitments.


About Hong Leong Group Singapore
The Hong Leong Group is one of Singapore's largest local private sector conglomerates engaged in a wide range of businesses in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America. The Group's five core businesses are property investment and development, hotel ownership and management, financial services, trade & industry and e-Business.

  • Property
    In Singapore, the Group has won a huge reputation as an innovative entrepreneur and a key player in the property market. Through its Singapore-listed City Developments Limited (CDL) and Hong Leong Holdings Ltd, it holds the largest non-government residential land bank, and is rated the largest residential developer as well as the biggest commercial landlord in Singapore’s core Central Business District.

  • Hotels
    The Group’s London-listed hotel arm, Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc (M&C), is Singapore’s largest international hotel group. M&C owns, asset manages and operates over 114 hotels and over 29,000 rooms in 18 countries worldwide. This puts the Group at the top of the league scoreboard among Asia’s hotelier elite boasting worldwide operations, which include subsidiaries New Zealand-listed CDL Hotels New Zealand and Manila-listed Grand Plaza Hotel Corporation.

  • Financial Services
    Hong Leong operates Singapore’s largest finance house, Hong Leong Finance Ltd serving customers island-wide. Over the years, Hong Leong Finance has focused on its commitment to serve the man-in-the-street. With total assets of S$7.5 billion in 2006, Hong Leong has consistently been introducing new and enhanced products and services to complement existing ones which cater extensively to the varying needs of its customers.

  • Trade & Industry
    Notably, the Group is well entrenched in the expanding China market, represented by Singapore-listed Hong Leong Asia which controls multiple businesses. Its diversified interests, ranging from manufacturing to quarrying and distribution is poised to tap into the region’s emerging markets.

  • Corporate Citizenship
    Beyond the bottom line, the Hong Leong Group demonstrates its commitment to community through Hong Leong Foundation, an active corporate sponsor and donor to civic causes and cultural activities at home and abroad.

The Hong Leong Group has a proud record of continuity and stability since its founding in Singapore by Kwek Hong Png in 1941. Today the second generation of Kweks is at the helm, headed by Kwek Leng Beng. It’s a team of star strikers with its sights firmly set on defined goals. To achieve its new vision the Group is now armed with the tools of today’s Information Technology age and a forward-looking, international mindset, in tune with the new millennium.


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