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What is Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP)?
It is a temporary occupation permit issued by the Building Authority. A building can only be occupied when TOP or Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) is granted. It is possible to check whether TOP for the development has been issued by logging on to http://www.bca.gov.sg/plan_enquiry/ListTop.asp

When can I collect the keys to my unit?
Generally, we will inform purchasers that units are ready for hand over after TOP has been issued and all other relevant licences have been issued by the relevant government authorities.

Depending on the size of the development, hand over of units may be in batches.

Once your unit is ready to hand over, the Notice to Take Vacant Possession (Notice) will be served to you through your solicitors. Your solicitor, upon receipt of the Notice, will notify you to make the necessary payments.

Once we received the requisite full payment from you, you may proceed to fix an appointment for collection of key.

How can I fix an appointment for collection of keys for my unit?
You can call the handover office to fix an appointment for collection of keys. All collection of keys must be by prior appointment. Appointment is made on a “first-come first-serve basis” and shall be made at least 3 days in advance.

Can my relatives or friends collect the key on my behalf?
Yes, you can authorize your representative through a Letter of Authorisation (a format of which can be obtained from your solicitor) to collect the key on your behalf.

What is the procedure for key collection?
The following original documents must be produced at time of collection of keys:

  • If keys are to be collected by Purchasers:
    - the identity cards or passports of the Purchasers
  • If keys are to be collected by Representative(s) of Purchasers:
    - the duly completed Letter of Authorisation (LA) signed by all the Purchasers or the Attorney to whom the Power of    Attorney was granted (a copy of the Power of Attorney must be furnished if the LA is signed by an Attorney) and
    - the Representative’s identity card or passport.

Our handover staff will present and go through with you a handover bag that consist of the keys to your unit, a Resident's Handbook, plans/as-built drawings, application forms (for opening of utilities account, telephone service etc),warranties, operating manuals and remote controls for the air-conditioners in your unit. Next, our Customer Relation Officer will accompany you to your unit. The entire handover process will take approximately 30 - 45 minutes.

Do I need any approval before commencement of renovation works for my unit?
Yes, you need to obtain an approval from the Management Office before carrying out any renovation works (that involved alterations or additions to the unit). You are also required to pay a refundable deposit as security for observance of house rules and disposal of debris. Where applicable, you are also required to obtain a written approval from the relevant authorities and submit a copy of such approval to the Management Office for record before commencement of any works.  A copy of the application form can be obtained from the Management Office.

Can I install window grilles?
Yes, for most of our developments, you may install grilles to your window. However, to maintain consistency of the building facade, residents who wish to install window grilles are to adhere to the approved standard design and colour shown in the Resident's Handbook.

How do I apply for utilities and how long does it take for activation?
You may apply for utilities in person at Singapore Power or online at http://services.spservices.sg. It will take approximately 3 days for Singapore Power to activate the utilities. A set of the application form will be given to you on the handover day.

When can I start to use the common facilities?
You may use the common facilities after you have collected the keys to your unit. The use of the recreational facilities are exclusive to residents and their guests. Purchasers who have tenanted out their units may not use the facilities except as invited guests of residents. Use of certain common facilities (e,g, tennis courts, barbecue pit) is subject to advance booking made to the Management Office.

Do I have to apply for a parking lot?
Yes, residents must register their vehicles with the Management Office for administration and/or security purpose. Residents may apply for a car park transponder from the Management Office. A copy of the application form can be obtained from the Management Office. Only homeowner or tenant who owns a vehicle and residing in the development will be issued with a car park transponder. Season parking for second and subsequent car owners will be subject to availability of lots after allocation for first car owners and are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Homebuyer Guide
Please follow this link to Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority website that provides home buyers with a step-by-step guide on the standard procedures that are involved in the process of buying uncompleted private residential properties.


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